Ensuring the integrity and longevity of all Canadian concrete structures

Safe Buildings Canada is a Non-Profit Society with the sole mission to regulate concrete cutting, coring and imaging.
The problem

A lack of regulations around structural testing

Rapid development and the structural integrity of aging buildings poses significant risk to the Canadian public. As it stands right now, concrete structures can be cut and cored without being properly inspected beforehand.
What we do

We will create universal standards for the training and certification of concrete imaging technicians Canada-wide.

It needs to be made mandatory for every penetration of a structural member, in residential and commercial buildings, to be imaged by a professional concrete imaging technician, and then approved by a Structural Engineer prior to penetration.
Our Approach

Our efforts to regulate the industry will follow a three-pronged approach.



Develop a regulating legal framework that can be instilled in the national building code.


Regular Consultation

Hold quarterly board meetings and an Annual General Meeting to discuss ongoing developments and opportunities in the industry.



Implement and administer a standardized training program for concrete imaging technicians.

Become a member of Safe Buildings Canada.

Contributing members will consist of concrete cutting, coring and imaging firms. Other stakeholders will include:

Risk management professionals
Individual property owners
Property management firms

Please contact Nicolas Kruse.